22-26 October 2017
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia

The Impact of INTELECĀ® 2017 on the Australian ICT Energy Infrastructure Industry

The Importance of INTELEC® 2017 for the Australian ICT Energy Infrastructure Industry

INTELEC® 2017 has played a critical role in driving the adoption of sustainable energy solutions in the Australian ICT sector. The conference has provided a platform for industry professionals to share their knowledge, research findings, and success stories in the field of energy-efficient power conversion. It has facilitated collaboration and exchange of ideas, leading to the development of groundbreaking technologies and strategies to address the energy challenges faced by the industry.

Sustainable Power Conversion Innovations

One of the key highlights of INTELEC® 2017 was the introduction of cutting-edge power conversion technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency. These innovations include advanced power electronic devices, energy-efficient architectures, and intelligent control algorithms. The Australian ICT energy infrastructure industry has embraced these advancements, leading to reduced carbon footprint and increased energy savings.

Impact on Telecommunications Infrastructure

INTELEC® 2017 has had a profound impact on the telecommunications infrastructure in Australia. The integration of energy-efficient power conversion solutions has enabled telecom operators to optimize their energy usage and reduce operational costs. This, in turn, has improved the overall reliability and performance of the telecommunications networks, benefiting both service providers and end-users.

Enhanced Energy Storage Systems

Another significant contribution of INTELEC® 2017 to the Australian ICT energy infrastructure industry is the advancement of energy storage technologies. The conference has showcased breakthroughs in battery technologies, supercapacitors, and fuel cells, enabling the efficient storage and utilization of renewable energy sources. These advancements have paved the way for the integration of renewable energy into the ICT systems, reducing dependence on traditional power sources and promoting sustainability.


INTELEC® 2017 has made a lasting impact on the Australian ICT energy infrastructure industry. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and the adoption of sustainable energy solutions, the conference has propelled the industry towards a greener and more efficient future. The advancements showcased at INTELEC® 2017 have revolutionized power conversion and energy storage in the ICT sector, leading to reduced carbon footprint, improved system efficiency, and enhanced telecommunications infrastructure. As the industry continues to evolve, the lessons and breakthroughs from INTELEC® 2017 will serve as a guide for future developments and advancements in sustainable energy solutions for the ICT industry.


1. How has INTELEC® 2017 impacted the Australian ICT energy infrastructure industry?

INTELEC® 2017 has had a significant impact on the Australian ICT energy infrastructure industry by driving the adoption of sustainable energy solutions, fostering collaboration, and showcasing breakthrough technologies.

2. What are some of the innovations introduced at INTELEC® 2017?

INTELEC® 2017 introduced innovative power conversion technologies, energy storage systems, and intelligent control algorithms to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint in the ICT sector.

3. How has INTELEC® 2017 contributed to the telecommunications infrastructure in Australia?

INTELEC® 2017 has enhanced the telecommunications infrastructure in Australia by promoting energy-efficient power conversion solutions, leading to improved reliability, performance, and cost savings for telecom operators.

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