22-26 October 2017
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia

Presenter Instructions

Poster Presentations

Poster presenters will receive a separate email advising of the preparation requirements for their Poster and the Poster Presentation times during the Conference.

Oral Presentations

  • INTELEC® 2017 is using a centralized audio-visual (AV) management system
    • All oral presentations must be on the system
  • Presentations will be screened using in-room Windows PC machines
    • Presenters cannot use their own computer
    • Presentations will be loaded onto the in-room presentation computer from the centralized system.
    • Presenters will not be able to directly upload their presentation onto the in-room presentation computer.

Presentation format

  • All oral presentations must be in Microsoft PowerPoint format (.pptx).  Please use Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later.  If this is a problem for you, please contact us.
    • If your presentation relies on functionality such as video or sound, please ensure your presentation runs on a standard installation of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later.
  • All oral presentations must be prepared using a INTELEC 2017 Presentation template.
    • There are five (5) INTELEC 2017 Presentation templates.  Presenters can choose which template they prefer to use.  You can find the Presentation templates at the bottom of this page.
    • The template provides a fixed area and size for the Presenter to optionally place their company logo.  This is the only place a company logo can be placed.  Simply insert your company logo into or over the designated area on the template.  Please do not exceed the allocated area provided for the logo.  Please do not place company logos elsewhere in the presentation areas.  If this is a problem for you, please contact us. Logos or other advertising will be removed if thought to be excessive or intrusive.
    • The Presentation templates have suggested areas for presentation text.  These do NOT have to be strictly followed, and Presenters are free to use the presentation areas between the fixed header and footer area as they wish.
  • Save your presentation as PresentationXX.pptx
    • Where XX is the number allocated to your Presentation.  Presenters will receive a separate email advising your Presentation number (XX) and Presentation Session and Session time.
    • Remember to save your presentation in .pptx format (not the template format, .potx).
  • All PowerPoint presentations will be reviewed before being loaded onto the in-room presentation computer.  Please prepare your presentation in the spirit of these instructions.  If this is a problem for you, please contact us.

Session Times

  • The Sessions times for the conference are being finalized. Presenters will receive a separate email advising their Presentation Session and Session time.

Length of Presentations

Presentations in the oral paper technical stream are to be 20 minutes with 5 additional minutes for questions. Presenters of technical papers should plan their Presentation to take approximately 20 minutes.

Lodge your Presentation

  • E-mail your presentation as an email file attachment to .


The Program Committee is obliged to check presentations for general compliance with the use of the Conference template and ensure the presentation observes the restrictions on commercial content, product or company advertising.  The Committee also has to manage no-shows and adjust the program accordingly.

To do this, presentations must be lodged before the conference.  You can lodge a draft or nearly completed presentation to mark your place and ensure the Committee knows you are making a presentation.  Accepted papers which do not have a presentation place-marked in the system will be withdrawn from the conference program.

Lodgment deadlines

Presentation Type

Technical Session papers

  • Must be lodged by 12 October 2017.
  • All presenters must also provide a short (100 words max.) professional biography

Commercial Product Exposure Stream

  • Must be lodged by 12 October 2017.
    • Presenters must also provide a short (100 words max.) professional biography

Special Interest Seminars

  • Must be lodged by 12 October 2017.

Sample PowerPoints

But wait,

what if I'm late finishing my Presentation…
what about last minute fixes'…

Of course, some Presenters will be late in finishing their presentation by the lodgment date, and also many will want to be able to do last minutes updates to perfect their presentations. At INTELEC 2017, there is a Speaker ready room where you can access your lodged Presentation and amend it before your presentation time. What you must do is ensure that you lodge some form of your Presentation by the lodgment date so it retains a place in program.

Submit your full paper
  • Key Dates
  • Close of earlybird 18 August 2017
  • Final Paper Submission18 August 2017
  • Accommodation booking deadline18 September 2017
  • 9am - Tutorials and Welcome reception 22 October 2017
  • Main stream conference 23 - 26 October 2017
  • Conference closes at 4:30pm26 October 2017
  • INTELEC© 201722-26 October 2017